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Jennifer Lopez
Image by Neal.
10 things you don’t know about me..
(1). I have 2 heads, only one is mine the other i carry around in a bag.
(2). I have a fear of the Royal Family, i think it has something to do with the Prince of Wales not living in Wales and The Duke of Edinburgh not living in Edinburgh. I mean What’s that all about???
(3). Jennifer lopez is my stepmother and let me tell you she makes great lentil soup. I’ll post her recipe next time i see her.
(4). I have an identical twin called Cecil, unfortunately he went missing during a shopping trip to Glasgow in 1995. I just bought him an ice cream and when I turned round he was gone. Everyone in the family was traumatised for years, so if your reading this Cecil you owe me 78p for the ice cream.
(5). I have 6 toes on one hand.
(6). I was the youngest helicopter pilot in Vietnam and lead the famous raid on Singapore. The fact that Singapore isn’t in Vietnam probably goes some way in explaining my quick exit from the army, I was only 8 years old at the time but do you think they would listen? No.
(7). I can speak in 9 languages, unfortunately i have no idea what i am saying because although I can speak them i never learned what it is I’m saying.
(8). I own all the sparrows in the world, next time you see one look closely and you will see they all have little neckerchiefs with their names embroidered on them. Keep a look out for Keith as I seem to have lost him.
(9).I can’t count to 10.

Summer tango, Jul 2010 – 30
Jennifer Lopez
Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in a Dec 11, 2010 Wow Hollywood blog, with the same title as the caption that I used on this Flickr page.


As I pointed out in an earlier set of Flickr album (shown here), I do not dance the tango, and I know little or nothing about its history, its folklore, or even its steps and rhythms. I’m vaguely aware that it originated in Argentina (and Uruguay) in the 1890s, that a new style known as "tango nuevo" began to emerge in the late 1990s, and that various actors and actresses — including Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Antonio Banderas, Madonna, Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger(!), among others — have performed the tango in various movies. But beyond that, it never really occurred to me that it played any significant role here in the U.S.

That is, not until the summer of 2009, when I happened to return to my hotel, on a business trip to Washington, DC, just as a local gathering of tango aficionados was dancing to their music in a nearby square known as Freedom Plaza. I photographed the event (see my Flickr set Last tango in Washington) and learned from one of the participants that there were similar informal events in New York City, at the South Street seaport, during the summer and fall weekends. When I got back to New York, I searched on the Internet, and found a schedule of upcoming tango events just as my Washington acquaintance had indicated; but travel schedules, inclement weather, and other distractions prevented me from actually attending any of them; by the end of the autumn season, I had forgotten all about it.

For some reason, something reminded me of the tango again this spring — perhaps some music that I overheard, perhaps a scene on some otherwise forgettable television show. In any case, I searched again on the Internet, and discovered that a tango "event" would be taking place on a Sunday afternoon — but not at the South Street Seaport (on the east side of Manhattan, near the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges), but rather at Pier 45, where Christopher Street runs into the Hudson River in Greenwich Village. The event takes place every Sunday, usually from 4-8 PM, and I made my first visit in mid-April, which led to this set of photos.

I decided to come back again in mid-July, even though I knew it would be much hotter … and indeed, it was so hot that the music did not even begin until 6 PM. But then the dancers began to appear, one couple after another, until there were a couple dozen couples filling a large space under a sheltering canopy. And since it was the end of a hot summer evening, tango wasn’t the only thing going on: there were people sunbathing, watching the boats on the river, playing frisbee, or simply enjoying themselves. I photographed a little of everything; you can focus your attention on whatever you’d like…

If you’d like to watch NYC tango dancing on your own, check out Richard Lipkin’s Guide to Argentine Tango in New York City.

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