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Allways The Sun
Eva Green photo
Image by Wolfgang Staudt
Enjoy the large view!

Flexing my Photoshop muscles.
Eva Green photo
Image by Hi, my name is Rick.

Some of you may very well remember a post on this wonderful site not too long ago which featured a link to Eva standing "too close to the wrong end of a baby elephant." Regardless of your ability or inability to recall inconsequential, arbitrary web content, I will take the time to briefly recap: it featured an overtly creepy Thai man staring at Eva. Should you care for a refresher, here it is.

Following the photo featuring (alliteration intended) Eva, the elephant, and Creepo, Eva and I posed for a shot with the elephant. Unfortunately this photo also featured the aforementioned Creepo. I decided to "Photoshop him out." This is something people say frequently without realizing that it is in fact quite difficult and time consuming to accomplish while maintaining a realistic appearance. I gave it a go, and I’m quite happy with the results. The top shot is the original photo with Creepo, and the bottom shot is the post-processed shot sans Creepo. Enjoy.

Flickr note: This commentary makes much more sense on my Photoblog (linked at top) where there are actually two photos.

Afternoon walk
Eva Green photo
Image by Eva the Weaver

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