Which celebrity couple gave what at Valentines

As valentine is just around the corner, here’s some romantic inspiration from some top celebrities. To note, we at Carspring discovered that our favorite couple Jay Z and Beyonce really heated things up and maxing the valentines barometer with a dream car as a gift.


Cindy Crawford and her beautiful daughter

Cindy Crawford is a wonderful celebrity who’s whole profession ended up being based about lookin youthful as well as flawless at 46 years of age, Cindy certainly doesn’t look which much different than she did inside her 20s.

Cindy Crawford and her daughter
Photo from firstclassfashionista.com

Aside from being a supermodel, Cindy Crawford also offers a special situation along with aging, considering her 10-year aged daughter, Kaia, is actually very much a beautiful copy of her. As well as Cindy isn’t nervous to be able to admit which she occasionally gets a little jealous of her little girl’s crazy good appears.

Which Celebrities Would You Want To Work For?

We’ve all worked for good and bad bosses, and there’s always plenty of debate about who would or wouldn’t be a great person to work for. Here are three celebrities who I feel will make excellent management material. If any of them wish to contact me with a job offer, I would of course be all ears:

Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli

The Manchester City footballer has been in the headlines many times over the years, and continues to be something of an enigma. One thing is certain, though: life is never boring when Mario’s around. When he’s not petulantly arguing with referees he’s driving around town handing out money to passers-by.

If you like the idea of working for someone who makes every day a rollercoaster ride, the Italian striker would probably be your ideal boss. And if you’re having a bad day, simply walk up and down the street outside office and he may come out and hand you some cash. You never know, all things are possible when Mr Balotelli is in town. Continue reading Which Celebrities Would You Want To Work For?