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Penelope Cruz
Image by karolajnat

Penelope Cruz
Image by jacQuie.k
"Hey, isn’t that Penelope Cruz?"
"You’re stoned."
"No, really, I think that’s Penelope Cruz."
"How can you tell? They all look the same."

Turns out it was Penelope Cruz, and Penelope Cruz, and Monica Cruz (her sister, the dancer), and Penelope Cruz.

And they were both draped larger than life from every wall directing me to go to Mango and buy their clothes.

Well, Nell, if you insist.

This is another kind of Gypsy – one whose powerful lure captivates you to sample every piece of her Spring collection. In return for my "Everywhere you want to be" she offered textiles of such epic gorgeousity, I found it quite impossible to leave them behind (even after I’d posted a 40€ frock box because I’d already exceeded the packable volume of all available luggage).

And it was not just Mango Madrid and Mango Seville, but also Granada and Barcelona and Zara and Desigual – because I know how it’s going to sound when I tell you the reason I’m going back to Spain is because there’s a dress I didn’t buy.

Then I will be a Gypsy, too.

It’s like Blondie says, one way or another, they’re gonna find you and they’re gonna get you.

Penelope Cruz
Image by karolajnat