A few nice Beyonce images I found:

Beyonce Knowles and Evangeline Lilly
Image by Joe Shlabotnik
Most of the cameras were across from us, which is why we got so few pictures of stars looking our way.

Here is a cropped version of this picture.

More on my blog: joeshlabotnik.livejournal.com/25237.html

UPDATE: Thanks to FileGirl for pointing out that the rightmost woman is Evangeline Lilly from Lost!

UPDATE 7/19/07: This is my first photo with 4,000 views!
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Beyonce Live in Marseille – 3
Image by Mr Azed
Beyonce by Azed. The photograph catchs every sensation during the show. Power and sensuality, luxury and strengh, beauty and sports… the professional way to dance in the good time and always been a perfectly object of desire for the fans…

Image by TinyGlimpses
Beyonce Knowles