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Benjamin Button Premiere @ Berlin
Brad Pitt
Image by SpreePiX – Berlin
Hollywoodstar Brad Pitt hat am Montag, den 19.01.2008 in Berlin die Europapremiere seines neuen Films besucht. Hunderte Fans jubelten dem Schauspieler zu, als er am Abend vor dem Kino am Potsdamer Platz in Begleitung seiner Lebensgefährtin Angelina Jolie auf dem roten Teppich Autogramme gab.

© 2009 by SpreePix Media- IMG_8384- Premiere @ Berlin

TIFF Madness
Brad Pitt
Image by wvs
Toronto Film Festival is a few weeks away and looks like it will be crazier than ever. These photos are from the festival in 2007 and are taken 2 days apart. This one is shot before a smaller movie at Elgin Theatre, and the second one is before the screening of Assassination of Jesse James, where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie showed up. I find photos of fans can often be more interesting than the celebrities themselves.

Brad Pitt
Image by Listen Missy!
The intersection of Clinton & State Streets, made to look like Georgetown in Washington, DC.

The Coens are in the neighborhood shooting Burn After Reading and, since I got out of work right on time for once, I decided to walk by the movie set since I seem to miss the activity each morning and evening. (Though the location is unavoidable since it’s on my commute route.) There were a lot of neighborhood folks standing around along with a lot of crew. There were cranes and feverishly bright lights. But no sign of the directors or, I had hoped, the Cary Grant of our time, George Clooney. (A loud woman, perhaps a resident of the street or just a neighborhood know-it-all, proclaimed that Clooney had been all over the place the prior two days but today it was John Malkovich.)

After a few minutes of boredom, I walked away and headed towards home. Naturally, who do I cross paths with as he strolled up the street, flanked only by an assistant? Not George Clooney. Or Brad Pitt. John Malkovich!