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Armchair apocrypha [241/365]
Eva Green picture
Image by Sarah Ross photography

119.365 – Eva: Tiny Thoughts
Eva Green picture
Image by Josh Liba
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Last Saturday I went out to the city to get some shots in the park.
Perfect sunny day with a light breeze, my favorite.

We stopped in the shade of a tree to call some friends we were supposed to meet, and also sitting in the shade is a beautiful family with their little girl.

Just perfect for the project! So I politely asked if I could take their pictures. They agreed and started rallying for the traditional Family portrait. Instead, I asked if they would just play with their baby girl and I would take candids from afar.

Even from far away, it’s hard for a child to forget they have this large looking camera pointed at them, and they will stare you down!

They were trying to teach their baby girl, Eva, how to blow bubbles. It wasn’t working for her, but she was content to play with bubbles that Mom was blowing.

At the end, I thanked them and took the traditional family shot and their contact details.

I hope these are memories they’ll treasure – taken by some random guy with a camera in the park. 🙂

We found our friends.
Eva waved goodbye.
Nikon D90 + Tokina 50-135mm f/2.8